Access to a complete PPP package (educational purposes)

A fully functional open-source PPP package is freely available on request (contact). The following features are supported:
  • GPS and Glonass measurements
  • SPP, PPP, PPP_AR modes (single frequency also available)
  • Ambiguity resolution on GPS measurements
  • Fully stochastic positionning solution
  • Fast reconvergence
  • Advanced RAIM
  • Compatible with BNC (rtrover interface), and RTKLIB
  • SBAS ionosphere for single frequency receivers
  • Multi-receivers processing
  • Portable C++ library

To run the software, you need to access the compatible phase clocks stream: mountpoints CLK91 or CLK93, available at the IGS-IP caster.
Some test stations (for example FFMJ1) are available at the IGS-IP caster.
You may also need  to access the PRODUCTS.IGS-IP caster to retrieve broadcasts information from the RTCM3EPH stream.


PPP-WIZARD project
: Alexis Blot
CNES network of stations: Jean-Paul Cardaliaguet