Real-time products

The orbits and clocks generated in real-time by the ODTS are consolidated on a daily basis in sp3, clk and bia files, a few minutes after midnight UTC. The latest daily solutions are available here. These files can be particularly useful for users who want to test their PPP software in post-processing, but in real-time conditions. Bia files contain elementary biases to be added to each observable (pseudo-range and phase) to allow direct ambiguity resolution on widelane and narrowlane combinations.

Post-processed products

In order to validate the Snapshot PPP concept (Optimal Estimation using Uncombined Four-frequency Signals), we generate post-processed daily phases biases. Post-processed biases are more accurate than real-time ones because a-priori orbits and clocks are more precise and more compatible MGEX stations are available at the IGS.

For each day, we generate a BIA file, containing the code and phase biases, and an OBX file, containing the attitude quaternions of the satellites (standardization of this format is on-going). For consistency reasons, the biases should be applied to the GFZ rapid products. For each constellation, frequency availability and ambiguity resolution compatibility are indicated in the header of each file.

These files are available here.