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The orbits and clocks generated in real-time by the ODTS are consolidated on a daily basis in sp3 and clk files, a few minutes after midnight UTC. The latest daily solutions are available here. These files can be particularly useful for users who want to test their PPP software in post-processing. A file (prefix .bias) contains elementary biases to be added to each observable (pseudo-range and phase) to allow direct ambiguity resolution on widelane and narrowlane combinations.


NTRIP protocol and RTCM standard


The IGS et the RTIGS pilot project


RTIGS pilot project reports


The CNES/CLS IGS analysis center


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General papers related to the method :

Specific application of the method to real-time :

Other papers related to zero-difference ambiguity resolution :


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The PPP-WIZARD project is funded par the CNES 'Navigation Civile' project and by several multi-annual internal R&D contracts.


PPP-WIZARD project
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